Brodeur Bear
Finished :)

Finished :)

Finished :)

Finished :)

Posh photos of the finished beading… The fill is torture….



Current embroidery doodle

What books did you find useful? I already have Tambour Work by Yusai Fukuyama and La broderie de Luneville. Any other ones?

The tambour book you have has all the correct information in it, personally I learned more about doing it from getting a really good look at the stuff from the fifties and sixties and trying to get the same kind of mixture, and mixing techniques and things.

where do you get your tools from? frame, point de beauvais needle etc?

I have found the nicest ones on the site, they’re not the cheapest but the most diverse and excellent quality. The needles are called tambour hooks, lacis sell them and the basic holder. The frames are hard to find in any kind of decent size for dressmaking purposes but they’re called slate frames, I have someone make mine for me and it’s not expensive, any carpenter can make one for you easily. Feel free to stay in touch if you need any more info :))

I am in love with your work! My question is: What sites do you recommend for large amounts of glass beads (seed, bugle)? I am currently in the design process for a ballgown but afraid my ideas will be too expensive to implement. I am particularly interested in gold and metallics. Thanks so much!

Hey there, did I reply to this? Sorry I am not so good with this thing!


They’re so fascinatingly beeeeaaaaaautiful….!

Wonderful work. It is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I just started trying chain stitch with tambour (in India it is Aari embroidery) Any tips for a starter (like myself)

Oh cool! Is that the one where you work the sequins from the right side?

Your work is unlike anything I've ever seen...even with as obsessed as I am with couture. Seriously, phenomenal work. I especially appreciate your attention to different textures, directions, reflections and color stories. At a young age I learned many crafts and decided that fashion/costume design is my life. It's only recently that I'm realizing that my great skills of crochet can be coupled with embellishment via tambour.


Oh gosh crochet is much harder than anything you do with embroidery, and mixing mediums is always the most interesting way to embellish things! You’re very kind thanks, hope to see soon what you come up with :)

If you need any help with materials or stuff just let me know, and would be cool to hear from another person who does it :))